Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program

Helping Post Acute Facilities with Unplanned Discharges: CHF, COPD, PNEUMONIA

PEL/VIP Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program

Our Sub Acute Care Division assists Health Systems with the High Degree of recidivism in Skilled Nursing Facilities. The PEL/VIP Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program cares for chronic disease processes through Best Practice Guidelines, in depth education for staff and residents along with properly coordinated transition of care.

Pneumonia Protocol

Part one of the Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program, assesses all residents upon admission and places them in a Low Risk or High Risk for Pneumonia category. This assessment tool is designed to give your Nursing staff a clinical pathway and utilize Pneumonia Risk Intervention Strategies.

CHF Protocol

Part two of the Re-Hospitalization Program follows the AMDA guidelines for treating and evaluating Chronic Heart Failure based on clinical factors. The cornerstone of this program is evaluating all patients upon admission and recognizing risk factors to better treat patient before failure occurs.

Unplanned Discharge Reason Based on TimeLine

24-48 Hours after admission. If the resident was discharged back to the referral center a breakdown of transition of care has occurred.

  • PEL/VIP assists in Admission and Discharge planning support for all respiratory modalities.

3-7 Days after admission. If an unplanned discharge occurs it is more than likely that the patient had an inadequate assessment by the clinical staff.

  • PEL/VIP provides in depth, timely assessments along with detailed in service education programs for all facility staff.

8-30 Days after admission. If an unplanned discharge occurs, the cause may be a failure with the care plan to adequately treat the underlying conditions.

  • PEL/VIP Respiratory Therapists can round with attending physicians, provide weekly progress reports and attend care plan meetings.

C.A.R.E. – The PEL/VIP In-Patient Pulmonary Rehab Program

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Chronic Lung Disease, designed to improve Activities of Daily Living. The four pillars of this Program are: Smoking Cessation, the proper use and administration of medication, education of the patient and family together with the development of a need based individual rehabilitation program.

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