• PEL’s Outsourcing Program will recruit, hire, process and maintain a fully functional RT Department that meets JCAHO standards
  • PEL can provide all the appropriate Policy and Procedure Manuals required to maintain the RT Department in JCAHO compliance.
  • PEL can work within your Organizations goals to initiate and enhance your Respiratory Therapy service level to your community and help increase revenue
  • PEL can cross-train in other clinical areas, as applicable, to assist your staff as needed

PEL management has experience in In-Patient, Outpatient, DME and SNF environments and can assist your organization with growth in all of these areas, if applicable,  to meet your Mission to provide quality healthcare to the patients you serve in your community.

Please call PEL/VIP at 800-779-4231 and be connected with a qualified representative who can meet with you to discuss Outsourcing your Respiratory Therapy Department.


  • PEL can provide you with a RT Managerial Team that can consult with your current RT Department Managers to assist in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity
  • PEL can work with your current RT employees to assist in
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