PELVIP’s Average Re-Hospitalization Rates for February 2017

The FebĀ 2017 Re-Admission Rates are collected from over 70 centers in 6 different states from PELVIP providing full respiratory support.

Pulmonary Exchange provides monthly outcomes for each of our clients running our Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program. We have combined our patient lists to generate this aggregate report of monthly-unplanned discharges against the number of patient encounters.

Objectives for Re-Hospitalization Intervention Program:

  • Reduce 30-Day re-admissions for Pneumonia, CHF, & COPD
  • Initiate Respiratory Therapy into the Plan of Care
  • Utilizes Prevention Strategies

U.S. Average for 30-Day Re-Hospitalization Rates:

  • 17.1% for Pneumonia
  • 21.9% for CHF
  • 20.0% for COPD


PEL’s Average for 30-Day Re-Hospitalization Results:

  • 1.1% Pneumonia
  • 0.6% CHF
  • 0.2% COPD