Why We Are #1

  • Each PEL/VIP employee goes through an extensive screening process in which they are carefully interviewed and tested with all references and credentials verified.
  • The PEL/VIP Staff goes through annual clinical reviews along with OIG, Background and drug tests.
  • PEL/VIP has a full service Human Resources Department to ensure that all of our employees meet all JCAHO and facility requirements.
  • PEL/VIP carries all applicable insurance for each person we send, including workman’s compensation and liability.
  • At PEL/VIP we take full responsibility for all of our staff members as employees and not independent contractors.
  • PEL/VIP pays all local, state and federal taxes.

One Stop Shop


  • Operating Room
  • Emergency Room
  • Med/Surg
  • Telemetry
  • ICU
  • Labor and Delivery
  • Pediatric/ Neonatal


  • Hospital
  • Long Term Care

Respiratory Therapists

  • Adult ICU
  • PFT

L P N’s

  • Hospital
  • Long Term Care
  • Doctors Offices/Clinics


  • Sleep Technician
  • EEG Technician

We Can Help

We can rescue you from the everyday stress caused by staffing shortages.

  • Vacations
  • Sick Days
  • Turnover
  • Maternity Leave
  • Lack of Qualified Personnel In Your Area

PEL/VIP Medical Staffing is a nationwide full service staffing and consulting corporation with that hometown customer service.

PEL/VIP is a corporation dedicated to providing high quality personalized care to your patients. We staff hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home care companies.

PEL/VIP has a management team with over 150 combined years of experience with the different staffing issues that may arise in a variety of work environments. The PEL/VIP staff consists of past department supervisors, experienced scheduling coordinators and of course, a variety of medical professionals.

Our professionals can help meet your financial goals and still keep the quality of patient care at a high level in your Facility.

Why is PEL/VIP Different?

At PEL/VIP we take a new and different approach to help your department save time and money. We are the new age in medical facility support companies. A hybrid company, combining travel and local staffing along with a top notch staff and facility consulting firm.

When PEL/VIP receives a staffing request from anywhere in the nation, we research our wide array of candidates to find the most suitable professional for your facility.

In order to save on any of the extra expenses, we first search for a Local Hero that fits your needs. If we can not obtain a suitable individual, we then look for either a Weekend Warrior or a World Explorer.

What type of staff member do you need?

World Explorer

These particular employees come to your facility from another part of the country. They work full time for a minimum of 13 weeks. PEL/VIP arranges the housing, travel and any other details that need to be addressed. World Explorers make a fast transition from agency staff to a member of your patient care team.

Local Hero

These are the employees that are in close proximity to your facility. Local Heroes are employees that PEL/VIP has on staff in your immediate area available to work full or part time.

Weekend Warrior

A Weekend Warrior is a cross between a Local Hero and a World Explorer. This employee does not live in your immediate area, but they do live within a half days travel. This allows our employees to drive into town, work a few days and need housing for the those days. These employees can either be full or part time and sign on for as short as 2 weeks at a time.

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