Long Term Care Ventilator Unit Assistance and Outsourcing Programs

Change in the system brings opportunity, being prepared for this change brings success.

In Many States, reimbursement for Ventilator patients is increasing due to the amount of patients needing care combined with the cost to the government for patients that continue to be cared for in the hospital setting. The average cost for care of a ventilator patient in the hospital is about $5000 per day, in the nursing home the average is about $440 per day. This is a savings of $138,000 per patient per month. This opportunity to start your own ventilator unit is now, so let PEL/VIP help you see the benefits of this program. PEL/VIP is looking to assist Long Term Care facilities to add on Ventilator Beds to their home or help to effectively manage Vent or Trach patients they currently have:

  • Expand Patient Services
  • Increased Census
  • Increase Revenue and Earnings
  • Enhance Sub Acute Services
  • Professional Management
  • Full-time respiratory therapists
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Respiratory supplies and inventory management
  • Preventive Maintenance and QA
  • PEL/VIP’s programs allow you to as little or as much as you like with the unit, our program is fully customizable to fit a wide variety of facility sizes and needs:
  • Daily Per Diem staffing Rates
  • Outsourcing entire ventilator unit
  • Management of Ventilator Unit
  • Partnering to Jump Starting and Manage Unit
  • Joint Ventures
  • Staffing of Vent Manager Only
  • Outcome Management
  • Marketing assistance
  • Budget assistance
  • Equipment/Supply consulting
  • Development of Admitting guidelines and criteria
  • Recruitment of staff

All programs include a customized policy and procedure manual for the facility to use while the contract is in place. PEL/VIP offers different buyout options that can be discussed in initial negotiations. Our C.A.R.E. Ventilator program can be offered in conjunction with any of our other disease management or specialty programs.