Equipment Compliance Programs


Do you own your own fleet of respiratory equipment?  Do you prefer to purchase your equipment to keep your rental costs down?

Then PEL/VIP can work with your staff to ensure proper equipment function so that you are ready to take your admissions without worries!

Respiratory therapy equipment includes concentrators, medication nebulizers, large volume air compressors, pulse oximeters, CPAP and Bi-Level therapy equipment.

  • Our trained, licensed and credentialed respiratory care practitioners can provide on-sight preventative maintenance for your equipment without interruption in patient care as our professionals can monitor the patients while they check out the equipment for proper function.  When the correct preventative maintenance procedure has been completed, a PM sticker will be placed on your equipment to keep you in survey compliance.
  • PEL/VIP will also supply you with an Equipment Compliance Binder that will have computerized results of all of the maintenance performed on each and every piece of equipment.
  • PEL/VIP will also provide you with maintenance recommendations that your staff can perform between our timed visits to your facility.  If your staff needs help to complete those recommendations, PEL/VIP can send a trained “tech” that can come weekly to make sure that your equipment filters and the outside cabinets are cleaned appropriately.
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