Founded in 1987, for over 25 years, PEL/VIP has specialized in respiratory staffing in many different healthcare venues; from acute care hospitals to MD offices to Skilled Nursing Facilities to DME Companies and Home Health.

We, as a company, decided long ago that staffing an important place for us to have a positive effect on patient care.

We ensure that everything PEL/VIP puts its stamp on positively improves patient’s lives. PEL/VIP is able to do so through the superior staff education and training programs, along with the commitment to a rigorous compliance program. Our staff is truly heads and shoulders above the rest.


At PEL/VIP we have the capability to greatly minimize staffing headaches via our web based staffing management system.

The benefits for our clientele include but may not be limited to:

  • Ability to view a temporary employees file documents immediately making a more seamless immediate connection regarding JCAHO file compliance issues
  • Immediate sharing of  client’s scheduling calendar for a facility and through a client-enabled process, the possibility of:
    The client sending their requests (new shift needed and/or cancellation)
    directly to the calendar for our scheduling coordinators to fill

    The client viewing immediately the status of scheduling requests
  • Ability to schedule a specific temporary employee(s) for an assignment by creating a preferred/oriented category list

Call PEL/VIP at 800-779-4231 or CLICK HERE to Request More Info to schedule a meeting at your facility to find out ALL of the benefits of this superior staffing program and how PEL can work with you to fill your staffing needs with qualified healthcare professionals.